Domaine de la Boissonneuse Chablis 2005

Published by Sally on April 19, 2009

Domaine de la Boissonneuse, Chablis 2005  



£12.95. Ethical Fine Wines

Chablis, Boissonneuse

Serious, mineral, steely, mealy, white peach and pear Chablis, which is certified organic to boot. This wine is from the highly-regarded stable of Jean-Marc Brocard, whose son, Julien took over the management of the 11 hecatare Boissonneuse domaine in 2000. The vineyard’s classic Kimmeridgean soils of clay and limestone layers add to this wine’s terroir taste. The wine has a real, tingly, savoury streak through it, so if you’re used to more citrus, lemony, floral Chablis, this will be a real turning point.

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