Hobbs Grenache 2005, Barossa Valley, Australia

Published by Sally on November 21, 2009


Caviste £18.95 per 37.5cl bottle

Hobbs Grenache ('07 label)

Hobbs Grenache ('07 label)

On the nose your senses are enveloped by sweetly stewed fresh, aromatic strawberries. This light and elegant perfume feeds through to the palate structure, which is intense and concentrated alongside the lightness. This is outrageously delicious. It’s a light, lush, rich, well-balanced, sweet-yet-fresh digestif over which to put the world to rights. It has an unadulterated purity of fruit that finishes very long.  

The wine is made in a ‘passito’ style: the grapes are laid out on racks to dry in air conditioned sheds.  Over time this evaporates a proportion of the water, which leaves all the fruity and structural bits in the grape beautifully concentrated.  The juice yield from these partially desiccated grapes is less than a third that from grapes pressed immediately after harvest.

There’s plenty of residual sweetness to this wine, which is delicately balanced with just 9% alcohol in what is a really refreshing dessert wine.

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