Eclipse Riesling 2011

Published by Sally on April 25, 2012

 Eclipse Riesling 2011, Central Valley, £7.99

New from Marks and Sparks is this wonderfully refreshing Eclipse Riesling 2011, made by Cono Sur. A green apple grassiness accentuates tongue-tapping, punchy, juicy citrus flavours of lime and grapefruit. This is a wine that sings of summer refreshment.

A big chunk of the fruit for this wine comes from way down south towards the Antarctic, in Chile’s Bio Bio valley. The coolness here lets the fruit retain its floral aromas and purity of fruit.  Another chunk of fruit is sourced from Ucuquer in the warmer Rapel valley further north, but the vineyard is on the Pacific side of the coastal ranges, just 13 kilometres from the coast. Combining fruit from these two locations adds the freshness from the south to the tropical fruits of the Pacific. Tasty wine anyway.

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