Paradis in Beaujolais

Published by Sally on January 30, 2012

Picturesque Beaujolais

Picturesque Beaujolais

No, not a typo, but a special fraction of the pressing from carbonic maceration.  I first came across it during a visit in December 2011 to beautiful Beaujolais.

The whole bunch fermentation – carbonic maceration – typical of gamay in Beaujolais (I’m in the middle of writing a fuller account of this) means that much fermentation takes place inside individual whole berries.

When these are pressed, the first part of the pressing is called the paradis.  Just a small part from the vat.  It has only a few degrees of alcohol and therefore still lots of sugar.  It’s used in specialty recipes of the region.  The rest of the pressing goes to tank to finish (traditional) fermentation, a process that takes a few more days.

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