Vines & Vinification wins OIV book award 2018

Published by Sally on July 10, 2018

Vines and Vinification was originally conceived of as the study guide for the ‘Production of wine’ unit of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust’s (WSET) Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits. It is now published as an accompaniment to unit 2, ahead of new diploma study materials that are being developed. It remains as recommended reading for the production of wine unit. And thus it is that all the design elements and concise format of presentation are consistent with the WSET’s study guides through all the levels of wines and spirits qualification.

I wrote this book!

Firstly, it’s exciting to become a published author. This is my first book.

Secondly, it’s also exciting to win an award for my first book. Vines & Vinification has just been selected for the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) award 2018 in the Viticulture and Oenology category.

Thirdly, that’s really quite enough excitement for the moment.

Here’s the rest of the ‘book bio’ that accompanied the submission to the OIV competition:

‘This succinct, information-packed design also makes it an excellent format for interested consumers to use as an accessible reference resource to dip into. It is presented in as chronologically-relevant an order as possible, while also addressing various key themes in viticulture and winemaking, such as the significance of various climatic scales on viticulture, especially at cooler margins, and the influence of temperature, time, and oxygen in winemaking.

‘The book not only provides depth of factual detail, it also explains some of the reasons for, and effects of, particular choices made in vineyard and winery, which helps the reader begin to understand differences in quality and style of wine. It also deals with the issues involved in the post-fermentation maturation of wine and those of clarity, stability and bottling. The book finishes with a chapter on wine faults, and how to avoid, or treat these, where possible.

‘The book is well illustrated with photographs, drawings and diagrams to aid understanding of what can be a complex subject, but a subject that helps to explain the wonderful diversity of style of wines that are to be found from around the world.’

It’s available from the WSET’s online shop

And Amazon (you’ll spot the publication date error. It was actually published in December 2017. For some reason we’ve been unable to get Amazon to correct the publication year).

April 2019 update: The book has been shortlisted for the Gourmand Awards 2019 (Best in the World). Results are due in July 2019.


9 Responses to “Vines & Vinification wins OIV book award 2018”

  1. Jo Ahearne Says:

    Huge congratulations. You legend!

  2. Joel Butler MW Says:

    Well done Sally!

  3. Per Karlsson Says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

    (We got an honorary mention. Happy with that too.)

    Have tried to get hold of your book on Amazon but it’s not available, not here in France, not in the UK. 🙁

  4. Sally Says:

    Thanks Per! I’m chuffed.
    I saw your special mention – congratulations to you, too.
    Thank you also for your interest in buying the book. For the moment it’s only available via the WSET They are supposed to be getting stock into Amazon; it has a link page, so that’s a start …

  5. Philip Goodband MW Says:

    Hard work and applied knowledge brings its rewards. Congratulations Sally.


    Congratulations Sally ! I’m going to get one for the school library.

  7. Sally Says:

    Thanks Jordi! That’s great to read – thank you.

  8. Richard Smart Says:

    Well Done Sally, I will add it to my library.

    Regards, Richard

  9. Sally Says:

    Thanks Richard! I was attentive, I believe, in my use of your works 🙂

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