Terroir in Australia – regionality by any other name?

Published on May 8, 2009

As Australian producers explore more niche places to grow grapes, and their marketeers promote regionality, is this merely the Aussie view on that most French of concepts – terroir?

Alcohol harm reduction

Published on May 8, 2009

Possible measures to reduce alcohol-related harm.

The language of green

Published on May 8, 2009

Carbon footprints, carbon dioxide emissions, food miles, lifecycle analyses, sustainability, and what would be comprehensible on the label?

Follow the yellow brick road? The green grass track?

Published on May 8, 2009

Across the wine world, different initiatives are evolving, all aimed towards greater sustainability.

Carbon footprints treading the path to sustainability

Published on May 8, 2009

Carbon footprints fossilised in stone, or just a step along the way to greater sustainability?

Wine and chocolate

Published on May 8, 2009

Dark chocolate in savoury dishes, dark chocolate on its own. Explore the flavours and textures of matching wines, as well as finding the best wine styles.

Wine Atlas of New Zealand, Michael Cooper

Published on May 4, 2009

Michael Cooper has fully updated his Wine Atlas of New Zealand.

Domaine de la Boissonneuse Chablis 2005

Published on April 19, 2009

Jean-Marc Brocard makes characterful wines at this biodynamic property

High alcohol

Published on April 18, 2009

How high is too high? Balance is more important.

Cool New Zealand chic

Published on April 18, 2009

Is New Zealand the epitome of cool climate in the new world?

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