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Louis Roederer 2002 and Cristal mini-vertical

Published on December 23, 2009

Earlier this month, Cristal bling came to town with a tasting seminar of Louis Roederer’s 2002 vintage champagnes, and a mini-vertical of their prestige cuvee Cristal, lead by Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, the company’s executive vice president and group winemaker.

Zind Humbrecht on 2007

Published on December 5, 2009

Modest icon winemaker and erudite, oenologue extraordinaire, Olivier Humbrecht MW, was in London recently to show some of his 2007 wines.

Regional New Zealand Pinot Noir?

Published on November 25, 2009

Pinot noir is the second most planted grape variety in New Zealand, and arguably the second best place in the world to be making pinot noir.

Amarone Families

Published on November 13, 2009

Ten Amarone-producing families have got together to better promote their flagship, and frankly quite delicious, product.

Australia's First Families of Wine: Bruce Tyrell interview

Published on November 9, 2009

Bruce Tyrell gives the lowdown on the new Australia’s First Family of Wines group, which will promote their regional and icon wines.

Where next for Aussie pinot noir?

Published on November 3, 2009

Australian pinot noir can now stand on its own on the world stage. Tasmania and Victoria have the best spots so far.

Cap Classique – South Africa's premium bubbly

Published on October 30, 2009

A tiny fraction of South Africa’s wine production is traditional method sparkling – called Cap Classique to differentiate it from other types of bubbly, and to communicate it’s been made using the same method that Champagne is made.

Italy's sparkling wines

Published on October 13, 2009

Asti is not Italy’s only sparkling wine. Here, flavour of the month, Prosecco is explored, along with the more sophisticated, niche, traditional method sparkling wines of Trento and Franciacorta.

Lord of the sweets

Published on October 2, 2009

Middle Earth … Middle Europe … miruvor … Tokaji … it’s easy to confuse them.

Australia’s Little Italy

Published on September 25, 2009

Along with the continuing pinot grigio craze, the buzz around Italian varietals is extending to some rather serious reds, and it is Victoria, with its rich heritage of Italian migrants, that is leading the field on the Australo-Italian front.

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