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Ten minutes with … Nick Farr

Published on August 12, 2012

Nick Farr, of By Farr Vineyards, discusses soils, moisture and future-proofing in Geelong, Victoria.

A minimalist journey

Published on March 6, 2012

Alan and Nelly Cooper are doing really tasty things high up in the Macedon Ranges. Here’s a tasting of their 2010s.


Published on January 25, 2012

The owner and winemaker of Savaterre, Keppell Smith, set up shop in 1996, spitting distance across the road from famed Beechworth producer Giaconda. “All I want is a wine with personality”, he said.

Pizzini Wines

Published on August 22, 2011

The King Valley in Australia’s Victoria attracted several migrant families from Italy, who later moved into the winemaking traditional to their homeland. The Pizzini family were one of those pioneers of grape growing and winemaking, and they are renowned for growing several Italian grape varieties.

An interview with … Ron Laughton of Jasper Hill, Australia

Published on February 23, 2011

An interview with … Ron Laughton of Jasper Hill, Australia, October 2010

Beechworth, Victoria, a Langton’s 2010 trilogy

Published on January 1, 2011

Tucked away in north east Victoria, 40 miles from Rutherglen, famed for its world class stickies, but a million miles from it stylistically, lies the small, unassuming region of Beechworth.

Where next for Aussie pinot noir?

Published on November 3, 2009

Australian pinot noir can now stand on its own on the world stage. Tasmania and Victoria have the best spots so far.

Australia’s Little Italy

Published on September 25, 2009

Along with the continuing pinot grigio craze, the buzz around Italian varietals is extending to some rather serious reds, and it is Victoria, with its rich heritage of Italian migrants, that is leading the field on the Australo-Italian front.

Smoke tainted wine

Published on July 19, 2009

Smoke taint is a complex issue. Bush fires near vineyards can cause smoke compounds to be taken up by the fruit and these persist through fermentation into the wine. What can be done?

De Bortoli Windy Peak Pinot Noir 2008, Victoria, Australia

Published on May 23, 2009

One of an ad hoc selection of wines that have made me sit up, take notice and smile with renewed enthusiasm: raised eyebrows; a skipped heartbeat; a ‘yum’ on my tasting score, or some such.

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