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Minerality quote, unquote 5

Published on August 27th, 2013
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If anywhere can lay claim to being the originator of mineral expression in wine, Chablis has to be in with the strongest claim. You can’t visit the region and not get some interesting and possibly insightful views on the subject.

Domaine Luneau-Papin

Published on August 21st, 2013
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The rumours of Muscadet’s death are greatly exaggerated. It may be made from the relatively harmless melon de Bourgogne, but it’s grown across a variety of soils and sub-soils, and in the hands of skilled exponents such as at Domain Luneau-Papin, the wines will politely force anyone who tastes them to reconsider their views on Muscadet wines.

Postmodern winemaking, by Clark Smith

Published on August 16th, 2013
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The book is founded on a collation of Clark Smith’s magazine columns. He does not readily define postmodern winemaking, but includes under its umbrella “micro-oxygenation, lees work and a sophisticated understanding of oak.”

Vineyard joggings

Published on August 11th, 2013
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(aka the jog blog – thanks @thewinebird). Having taken up jogging again in the summer of 2012, I thought it might be fun to share some microclimatic observations.

Saint Chinian

Published on August 6th, 2013
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St Chinian, 20 miles north-west of Beziers, and deep-set in the Languedoc foothills of the Black Mountains, is a complex and appealing appellation.

Bollinger reserve wines

Published on August 1st, 2013
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One of the added quirks of making non-vintage Champagne is the use of reserve wines saved from previous years. Here’s what Bolly does with its reserve wines.

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